From A to Z, Free File Hosting Sites

[ F ]

Faster Upload
250 MB max. file size

2Gb max upload, unlimited files, share videos, audio and photos.

File 2 Share
150 MB per file, 21 days expiration period

File Buffer
50 MB file size, inactivity threshold 7 days

File Bull
22 MB file size, 1 GB storage space, 3 GB bandwidth

File Cache
250 MB file size, deleted when no download occurs for 30 days

File Cloud
25 MB total storage space

File Den
50 MB file size after free registration

File Department
50 MB per file, deleted after 10 days without a download
100 MB and 30 days after a free registration

File Factory
500 MB, three connections per IP, 15 days

File Forge
350 MB per file

File Forwarding
10 MB max. file size, deletion after 30 days w/o customer

File Front
1 GB per file, no expiration period, additional features

File Gig
1 GB per upload operation

File Gone
25 MB file size, kept for 100 days before erasure
post files on if you wish

File HD
500 MB multiple parallel upload, picture gallery, 30 days

File Ho!
Ads free, all filetypes, no size limit, high speed!

File Host
100 MB per file

File Lodge
50 MB max. file size, kept for all eternity

File Point
100 MB file size

File Space
50 MB file size, cut loose after 2 weeks without wind

Files To
100 MB per file, deleted after 30 days of inactivity

Files Upload
Upload limit: Unlimited!, 300 MB per file via HTTP, 1 Gb per file via FTP, Files lifetime up to 6 months after last download

File UL
100 MB and unlimited hosting period after free registration

Files Upload
unlimited uploads, 300 MB per file via HTTP Splitted archives, 1 Gb per file via FTP Splitted archives, deletion of files 6 months after last download.

File Up Yours
100 MB storage space, 25 days between account log-ins, no file type limits

File Wire
250 MB per file

Flip Drive
25 MB online storage space

Forever Safe
150 MB per file, 10 GB storage, 150 MB bandwidth/month
special features like music streaming et al.

1 GB file size, but only 24 h to get it (beta phase)

Free Filespace
25 MB, 14 days. No .RAR files! For other formats see FAQ.

Free File Upload
50 MB per file, kept for a month without anybody leeching

Free Transfer
10 MB file size, every file is deleted after one week

Free Uploader
5 MB per file

2GB Storage size, 2GB BW

Friendly Share
50 MB, uses “Download Credits” for Premium system, 30 days

500 MB file size, deletion occurs after 7 days

[ G ]

G Free
7 MB per file, 250 MB storage space

Get File
50 MB/1 GB, 14 days, free advanced upload mode: 1 GB, FTP, …

2 GB, 90 days storage, folder/file management, share list with seperate password

1,5 GB, 90 days storage, filemanager, agenda/addressbook import

[ H ]

20 MB max. file size, cleaned out after 30 lazy days

Hemen Paylas
250 MB per file

Hotlink Files
50mb upload, 1000mb space, 8000mb bandwidth, hotlinking allowed!

Host Filez
150 MB max. file size, kept for 30 days after last request

Hot File
100 MB file size, deleted after 7 days if nobody wants it

10 MB per file, no limits on duration

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