30 Awesome Firefox 3 Themes

If you are previously using a customized theme on your Firefox 2 and had just upgraded over to Firefox 3, you might not want to settle with the default Firefox theme your peers have on their desktop. Firefox 3 may be new, but theme designers already have their muscles all flexed up. Here’s 30 Firefox 3 compatible themes to make your browser a little bit different from the rest. Full list after jump.
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75 Powerful Adobe Fireworks Extensions

We all know how powerful and how great Adobe Photoshop is, we know that all the best graphic designers use it, we also know that Photoshop when mastered lets you create amazing art.

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Sadly, we also know it is very, very expensive. Its also very difficult for the novice to master and it takes a hell of a lot of your PC/MACs precious memory and storage. What is the answer?
The answer is Adobe Fireworks CS3, Photoshops lesser used and lesser known little brother. Its far cheaper, easier to learn and reasonably light weight. But, can it be as powerful? Of course, it can. Just like Photoshop the volume of extensions available are extensive, and with the correct extensions can be almost as powerful.
So, what are you waiting? Give Adobe Fireworks a try, I promise, you won’t go back.

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