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29 Different Web 2.0 Google Ads Style

Choosing you ads style directly affect your CPM or in other words you revenue, choosing new ads styles usually increases the your CPM, in this article I rounded up 29 different ads style, choose from them the ad style that fit with your pages. each adstyle includes the link to the code (from adcluster) and preview.
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100 Useful Resources for Graphic Designers

Organizations,Design Tournaments,Generally Useful,Networking & Freelance Work,Stock Photography,Color & Charts,Inspirational Sites,Portfolio Sites,Design Magazines,Fonts,Tutorials,Photoshop Brushes,Printers,Blog Hosts,Web Hosting,Blogs,Web Design Forums,Graphic Design Forums,Keyword Research,Search Engine Optimization,Advertising,Computers & Electronics,Art Supplies,Graphic and Web Design Books

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