100 Tools and Tips to Get Free Cable TV

With the availability of TV online these days, there’s almost no reason to subscribe to cable TV. You can take advantage of players, network channels, download sites and more to see all of the TV you want online, and even transfer it to your TV. Read on to discover tips and resources for getting free cable TV.


Follow these tips to create a fun and easy free cable experience.

  1. Get DVR on your computer: Download one of the many apps out there to record TV on your computer.
  2. Buy a USB flash drive: Get a USB flash drive, and you can keep cable TV shows in your pocket.
  3. Get a DVD player that can handle it all: Buy a DVD player that has a USB input and other features, and you’ll find that watching free cable TV is much easier.
  4. Start getting set up early for live shows: Sometimes links are faulty and feeds go down, so if you want to watch a live show, get started early.
  5. Get Netflix: Wait for the DVD to come out, and watch the shows on your own time.
  6. Use a broadband connection: Getting TV online is pretty much impossible without a good connection.
  7. Get DVDs at your library: Although it’s certainly not immediate gratification, you can check out DVDs of cable TV shows at your local library.
  8. Always download encrypted: Get encrypted streams to make sure no one can see exactly what you’re downloading.
  9. Specify an IP address: Protect your privacy by specifying a fake address in uTorrent and any other download clients with that option.

Articles & How To

Find all the information you need to get free cable TV in these articles.

  1. How to Get Free Cable TV: Find out how to get free, legal cable in this how-to.
  2. 3 quick ways to watch TV shows for FREE: In this article, you’ll get some quick advice for finding cable TV free online.
  3. How to speed up video playback: Watch your videos faster by following the advice in this article.
  4. Public vs Private-BitTorrent download sites explored: This article takes a look at the pros and cons of both public and private BitTorrent download sites.
  5. A Beginner’s Guide to BitTorrent: Get a crash course in torrents from this guide.
  6. How to Watch NFL Games for Free: Find out how you can watch NFL games with this article.
  7. Ditch Your Cable Company with Free, Legal Alternatives: In this article, you’ll find advice and tools for getting free cable TV.
  8. Turn Your Windows PC into a Media Center Powerhouse on the Cheap: This article explains the details of using your computer as a media center.
  9. How to Watch Satellite & Cable TV on your PC FREE: Follow this tutorial to find out how you can watch online for free.
  10. Top 10 P2P Friendly Colleges: Check out this list to find out if your college is OK with you downloading TV.
  11. How to Get Free Cable TV: This article explains how to get more than 3,000 cable channels.
  12. 35 Ways to Watch Television Without Cable or Satellite: Here you’ll learn about the many ways to find TV without paying for cable.
  13. How to Watch Video Files from Your Computer on Your TV: Follow these simple instructions to learn how to put your computer’s videos on your TV.

Viewing Sites

Check out these sites to watch cable TV over the Internet.

  1. Hulu: Hulu has lots of really popular shows available.
  2. NeepTV: On the NeepTV site, you’ll find almost 3,000 different live and on-demand channels.
  3. YouTube: You can often find clips of shows you’ve missed on this incredibly popular video site.
  4. Fancast: Find some of your favorite shows here and discover even more.
  5. Medinalia: Medinalia offers access to TV from all over the world.
  6. Google Video: This site is full of everything, although you may have to dig deep to find full episodes.


With these search engines, you can find cable TV streaming and on demand.

  1. TVgush: Check out this search engine to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. SingingFish: With the help of filtering options, you can find shows on SingingFish.
  3. LocateTV: Use this search site to find out where and when you can find your favorite shows.
  4. Yahoo! Video Search: Use Yahoo!’s advanced video search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Live TV

Watch streaming TV channels with these sites.

  1. FreeTube: FreeTube streams live TV for news, sports, and more.
  2. 4TV: 4TV offers more than 250 channels of live TV.
  3. Channel King: Channel King has streams of cartoon, entertainment, music and more channels.
  4. ChannelChooser: Get online live TV with ChannelChooser.
  5. ChooseAndWatch: ChooseAndWatch has hundreds of different channels for watching TV.


Visit these aggregators to get links to the best TV sources.

  1. TV Links: Check out TV Links to find lots of shows fast.
  2. World Wide Internet Television: This portal offers access to more than 2,600 live and on-demand TV channels.
  3. Streamick: Streamick is a huge directory of places to watch free broadcast TV online.
  4. No Subscription Required: This site plays host to free-to-watch sites.
  5. Watch on Broadband: Check out this site to find more than 1,700 internet TV stations.
  6. MyEasyTV: This aggregator makes finding TV online easy.
  7. Joox: Joox has links to DivX TV and movies.
  8. 5 TVs: This Internet TV directory is a great way to find the shows and channels you’re looking for.
  9. Peekvid: Peekvid offers access to hundreds of shows and even live TV.
  10. Sidereel: Make your hunt for TV easier with this aggregator.
  11. OMGFreeTV: Get excited about this aggregator that has links to news, sports, music, and other channels.
  12. tvDuck: With tvDuck, you can find TV shows from today and yesterday, and even ask for shows you’d like to see.


With these torrent sites and tools, you’ll be able to download all the free cable TV you want.

  1. Torrent Episode Downloader: This program is like an RSS utility for downloading torrents.
  2. The Pirate Bay: Track and download torrent files on this incredibly large bittorrent site.
  3. BitTyrant: This BitTorrent client offers extremely fast downloads.
  4. mininova: Find all of the torrents you want on this large listing site.
  5. Vuze: Formerly known as Azureus, Vuze is a very popular BitTorrent client.
  6. isoHunt: This BitTorrent search engine will help you find what you’re looking for.
  7. Junk Nova: This BitTorrent tracker offers great information, like screen shots, descriptions, and other important details.
  8. uTorrent: This small and simple BitTorrent client will get the job done.
  9. Videora: Videora uses BitTorrent and RSS to automatically download shows for you.
  10. TorrentSpy: TorrentSpy offers a popular torrent search engine.
  11. Lilx: Get an organized calendar and download torrents from this site.


Use these players to watch and manage your TV online.

  1. TVU Player: With TVU, you can get free P2P streaming of many cable TV channels.
  2. Miro: Miro is an open source internet TV player that has thousands of channels.
  3. Joost: The Joost player opens up access to lots of selected cable TV shows.
  4. TV Tonic: Get hundreds of Internet TV channels with TV Tonic.

Community Sites

Visit these communities for online TV with a social aspect.

  1. TIOTI: Check out this TV social aggregator that shows what’s popular in TV now.
  2. FreeTVonline: Find and discuss your favorite shows in this TV community.
  3. NewzBin: This site has great content, but is closed to new members, so you’ll have to score an invitation through an existing member.
  4. shareTV: With this online TV community, you can share, track, and discuss your favorite TV shows.
  5. viewmy.tv: Find channels, vote on your favorites, and discuss TV in the forums.


Check out these channels to watch clips and full episodes from cable TV.

  1. VH1: VH1 offers full episodes, music videos, and more.
  2. Adult Swim: Check out grown-up cartoons on Adult Swim’s site.
  3. Cartoon Network: Get clips and behind-the-scenes looks at Cartoon Network’s shows.
  4. CMT: CMT Loaded has videos, shows and clips.
  5. Comedy Central: Hit the Motherload with these clips from popular Comedy Central TV shows.
  6. Turbo Nick: Kids will find both clips and full episodes from Nickelodeon’s site.
  7. RTE: Check out RTE for news from Ireland.
  8. MTV: MTV regularly features pieces that aired on the channel.
  9. Court TV: Court TV’s site has clips of testimony, sentencing and more.
  10. G4TV: Check out clips from this gaming and popular technology channel.
  11. ESPN360: Here you’ll find the latest in sports online.
  12. E! The Vine: Stay on top of entertainment news with this channel.
  13. BBC: You can catch BBC London news here.
  14. Sci-Fi: Check out Sci-Fi’s The Pulse, where you can catch clips and full episodes.
  15. TV Land: Go back in time with this channel’s programming.
  16. C-SPAN: Find out what’s going on in the world of politics on this channel.
  17. Food Network: Learn how to make delicious meals with Food Network.
  18. Fox News: Watch video clips and more on the Fox News site.
  19. Discovery Channel: Check out the Discovery Channel for shows like Dirty Jobs and FlipThatHouse.
  20. HGTV: See what you can do to your home on this channel.
  21. Speed TV: Check out cars, trucks and motorcycles on this channel.
  22. CNN: Get the latest news from CNN’s free news clips.
  23. BET: BET’s On Blast has music videos and clips from TV.
  24. Lifetime: Go behind the scenes of Lifetime programming on this channel’s site.
  25. The History Channel: See videos, speeches, and more on The History Channel.

Miscellaneous Tips, Tools and Hacks

Get even more resources for free cable TV here.

  1. Cable modem owners hack for free cable TV: Hackers use a splitter to splice TV lines from their cable modem.
  2. Add subtitles: If you have someone with hearing problems in your household, add subtitles with Open Subtitles.
  3. TVFreeload: TV Freeload makes it easy to download episodes from more than 1,000 TV shows.
  4. Hack Attack: Build your own DVR: Follow this hack to create a DVR on your computer.
  5. My Episodes: Stay on top of the episodes you’ve downloaded and watched with this tool.
  6. Broadband users cut into cable: This article explains how cable modem owners cut into lines to get free cable.

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