370 Anonymous Proxy Site

Many schools, universities, offices, ISPs and countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Burma, Iran, North Korea, Vietnam ,Cuba, Syria, Tunisia ,Uzbekistan, Egypt, Belarus and Turkmenistan don’t allow their surfers to access some web sites which them deem inappropriate.

Here is a list of 370 proxy sites which let you surf any web site anonymously

14 thoughts on “370 Anonymous Proxy Site

  1. link2caro proxy is not at the link mentioned.

    The right link is: proxy.link2caro.com


  2. hi

    am living at saudi arabia. last few months am using iblocked then plumfriend proxy sites. now these sites blocked here. kindly suggest me some working proxy sites

    thanks and regards

  3. Your post is quite interesting and useful. I have bookmarked it for later use to see what other great articles you post!

  4. I have something called Forticlient!!!

    In my shcool laptop!!!

    How the hell can i get across this shit!!

    Its a firewall, a very expensive effective firewall whcih we all students hate!!!

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