60 Ajax Tutorials

This post is intended for individuals who learn best by example. Most of the listed tutorials come complete with instructions and source code. It was also categorized all of the tutorials for easy browsing.

AJAX Activity Indicator Tutorial
CakeTimer – An Ajax File Uploads Progress Bar
This is a demonstration of an AJAX powered progressbar to monitor file uploads with (Cake)PHP.

HowTo add Ajax in-progress indicators
Ok, so my little del.icio.us app (click link to read about how I added Ajax functionality to a simple Rails app) is pretty cool, but it was missing one big thing. When the user clicks the “Get Results” link she has no idea that the page is communicating with the server.

AJAX Bookmarklets Tutorial
Creating Huge Bookmarklets
A bookmarklet is a special piece of JavaScript code that can be dragged into a user’s link toolbar, and which later can be clicked on to implement cross-site behavior. People have done all sorts of cool stuff with it.

AJAX Chat Tutorials
AJAX Chat Sources Code for Download
After a slow start (following the announcement of the XHTML (ajax) Chat) things got finally busy. I had so many requests that I have decided to offer the complete sources for download.

Lace – Ajax Chat
Lace is a free, lightweight Ajaxian communications engine suitable for a shoutbox, chat room or similar. Version 0.1.3 brings with it several bug fixes, a tiny bit of code reorganization and most importantly, an oft-requested User List.

Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever
Very easy to use AJAX chat demo.

AJAX Client-Server Communication Tutorials
Implementing simple AJAX interaction in your Web Application using XMLHttpRequest object
Everybody till now must have atleast heard about AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). This example will give you an idea about how you can implement simple AJAX interaction in your web application.

Make asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax
In this article, you’ll begin with the most fundamental and basic of all Ajax-related objects and programming approaches: The XMLHttpRequest object. This object is really the only common thread across all Ajax applications and — as you might expect — you will want to understand it thoroughly to take your programming to the limits of what’s possible.

Advanced requests and responses in Ajax
n this article, I move beyond the basics in the last article and concentrate on more detail about three key parts of this request object, the HTTP ready state, the HTTP status code and the types of requests that you can make

In this tutorial, you’ll be introduced to Ajax, a technology that allows you to send these requests through small JavaScript calls, meaning the user doesn’t have to wait for the page to refresh.

All Request, All The Time
Let’s build a simple application that accepts input from the user, passes it to some PHP on the server that checks it against a database, and returns the result to the browser. It comes in three parts.

AJAX Drag and Drop Tutorial
Drag and Drop Tutorial (with a cool video)
Adding items to a shopping cart in common e-commerce applications isn’t very close to the actual “add to cart” metaphor, since it requires clicking an “add to cart” button, watch a new page (the shopping cart), and then go back to the shop or checkout with buttons. Ajax allows to get closer to the cart metaphor, by enabling drag-and-drop interactions and giving immediate visual feedback, without leaving the shop.

AJAX Dynamically Content Loading Tutorials
Dynamically loaded articles
This is a basic example showing you how to use AJAX. In this script, you have a list of article titles at the right side. When you click on one of them, AJAX will be used to request the content of the article from an external file and show it in the main DIV.

Ajax – Dynamic Content
This small generic script makes it easy for you to load content of external files into HTML elements on your page.

AJAX Forms and Autocomplete Tutorials
Scriptaculous Lists with PHP
The drag-and-drop effects, most notably the sortables, caught my eye because the look great, they are so easy to implement, and they’re just so much nicer than the standard listbox with up/down arrows that we see in most of today’s applications and administration tools.

Alter data with Ajax forms
Displaying rich formatted questions and lists, even paginated, is not enough to make an application live. And the heart of the askeet concept is to allow any registered user to ask a new question, and any user to answer an existing one. Isn’t it time we get to it?

Dynamic Client Lookup
This script uses AJAX to autofill a form. Open the demo and type in 1001 in the “client ID” text field. AJAX will when you have done this call a script on the server and auto fill the rest of the form with client data.

Chained Select Boxes
This script uses Ajax to popuplate a select box with cities based on which country you choose.

Ajax Dynamic List
This script shows you a list of options based on what you type into a text input. Example: Type in “A” and Ajax will get you a list of all contries starting with “A”.

AJAX Framework and Toolkit Tutorials
My-BIC – Tutorials and How To’s
A collection of easy to follow tutorials using the My-Bic Framework including a, hello world – getting your ajax setup, posting comments via AJAX and changing views from a drop down. There are beginner and intermediate tutorials here.

New Echo2 Tutorial Series
Part 1 of a multipart Echo2 tutorial series, entitled “Ajax with Echo2 and Eclipse” is now available from our web site. The related archive with the Echo2 distribution plus the EchopointNG library is available here.

AJAX Design Patterns – Using The Dojo Toolkit
Is this tutorial any different from the others? Well yes and no, it is different in being a tutorial on how to design and build a complete site and not just some fancy little details like how to turn caching in AJAX off or how to create a fancy widget.

Using Dojo and JSON to Build Ajax Applications
In this article, I will show how to build Ajax-enabled applications using Dojo and JSON–two very different but complementary technologies that can significantly enhance the interface and usability of web applications.

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