Flash Programming Resources

Useful Flash Resource list.


Robust library of Flash code.

Action Script Library

This is the senocular.com Action Script Library welcome page. It describes what is new in the Action Script Library.


This is a website developed by an MIT student for the purpose of formats used in website development.


A website where they will build flash applications for your environment, such as OSX and PPC. They also include a free demo to introduce you to their work.


Flash Tutorials, undocumented features and news.


A web development and Flash resource. There are thousands of quality Flash projects that you can download, rate, comment on, and peruse through. Upload your work for other people to see too.

Tutorial Outpost

The site features tutorials on Flash

Actionscript Cheatsheet

A blog related to ActionScript 3.0 developing that includes downloadable cheat sheets.

ActionScript 2.0 Best…

An informative article providing guidelines on how to consistently write effective ActionScript.

ActionScript 3.0 Language API

Reference manual for the Flash® Player application programming interface (pdf or HTML)

The Fuse Kit

This site contains information and downloads for Fuse, a toolkit that allows for a clear and compact syntax and flexibility when animating with code.


Links to APIs created by Adobe Labs to help Adobe developers develop Flex 2.0 applications. Utilities, testing, and file sharing aps.


flash, actionscript tips tricks and tutorials

ActionScript 3 Language

Complete ActionScript 3 Language Reference.

SE|PY ActionScript Editor

This site features a product description for SE|PY ActionScript Editor including links to find more information.

ActionScript Dictionary

ActionScript Support Center web page containing the dictionary terms associated with ActionScript.

Adobe Flash CS3

Help Resource Center for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional.


flashkit.com is a developer’s resource website. The site focuses on Macromedia Flash programming. There are articles, tutorials, help pages, code snippets, and industry news on this webpage. Flashkit is targeted mainly at programmers and web developers.


Interactive Voice-guided tutorial on reading pixel colors and other topics using Object-oriented ActionScript

Actionscript Classes

A one stop source for Actionscript classes. Learn everything from creating reflections to Javascript and everything in between.

Code Snippets

A place where people can paste code snippets of ActionScript and MXML, and share with each other under a BSD License. Lots of examples of great snippets!

Khmer flash tutorials

Provides some good tutorials for intermediate users and some experiments too.

Movieclip twening prototy

Movieclip twening prototypes – discussion of different protocols

Open Source Flash

OSFlash allows flash developers to meet, exchange tips, and contribute to open source projects. Any registered member can edit any page.

Sci|TE Flash

This is a home page for SciTE|Flash, a Scintilla-based ActionScript editor, and includes status updates, a forum and a download link.


Tutorials, source files, and news about various applications such as Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver.

Tile Based Games

This site provides something of a database where you can read some tutorials about making tile based games with Macromedia Flash.


site where you can produce high quality music demo’s, video’s and training video’s.


A great extension for flash to parse xml into a flash object for easier use.


ActionScript + coldFusion – this site provides tools, examples, and commentry about working with these tools. The yhave a blog section, as well as projects, archives, and examples.

ASUAL SW address

SWFAddress is a small script that sits on top of SWFObject and provides deep linking for Flash websites and applications. In other words it enables the Back, Forward and Reload buttons of the browser and creates unique URLs with page titles that can be sent over email or IM.


This attractive, designer-oriented website provides open-source Flash Actionscripts to developers. While still in its early stages of development, this site promises to be a valuable resource for designers and developers of Flash applications.

Smart Webby : Flash

Flash Tutorials from basic to advanced.


A JavaScript Library for the Flash Platform.


This website is about the flash dymanics engine, a computer program that simulates 2D physics. This site contains a news section and demos.

Flash Beastry

A compendium of actionscript-centric Flash movies, by Jim Bumgardner, with accompanying source code.

Flash/JavaScript Integrat

The page contains information and a download link on the Flash/Javascript Integration Kit. It is part of the Macromedia website


Collected links to ActionScript 3.0 examples


A tutorial for optimizing Actionscript.


JavaScript and Flash guides and testing tools


haXe is a high-level object-oriented programming language mainly focused on helping programers develop Websites and Web applications.

Javascript Sound Kit

A code wrapper that allows you to modify the Sound Object function in javascript. It required a flash plugin version 8.

MediaCreator Japan

Templates for scroll panels, radio buttons, etc.

Robbert Penner

Website of Robert Penner, author of Programming Flash MX and actionscript hacker – contains info on the book, portfolio and flash experiments


ActionScript 2.0 component framework for Flash

Adobe Actionscript Overview

Adobe Developer Center article page about Action Script, giving an overview of the 3.0 version.


Website talks about the RPC toolkit amfphp, which allows to test services and generate codes for various clients.

Andre Michelle Laboratory

This site is a collection of Andre Michelle’s studies that was found by developing projects and researching new technologies.


An ActionScript library compatible to FlashPlayer 6 and above. It helps you create maintainable animations and primitive shapes in small file sizes.


Graphical tool to construct moving objects with real-world physical constraints


Homepage for the As2lib Framework – an open source ActionScript library for Macromedia Flash MX 2004+ developers.


A testing framework that allows you to create and run repeatable tests on rich internet applications.

assertTrue blog on AS

assertTrue blog entry on ActionScript projects in Flex Builder 2.0 — A tutorial on how to do this effectively, with examples.


This is a JavaDoc-a-like for ActionScript 2.0.

It began it because there don’t seem to be any complete, free (GPL or similar), API documentation tools, as of November 2004.

The scripts are implemented in Ruby, and work under Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. An exe is provided for windows users who don’t want to install Ruby.

Blog CheatSheet

This web page seems to offer a way to organize and detail different display formats involving the the creation of ActionScript Blog CheatSheets.

Flash Best Practices

Adobe Flash Developer Center article page about Action Script 2.0 best practices.

Flash Blog

This is a blog about your flash, very interesting and informative.


A site for flash designers with lots of information on various implementations and features.

Java ActionScript compare

Comparing the syntax of Java 5 and ActionScript 3

Migration from 2.0 to 3.0

A listing of the differences between Adobe’s ActionScript versions 2.0 and 3.0

no|wrap.de – Flare

The project homepage for the Flare Flash script decompiler, which will extract all scripts from Adobe Shockwave Flash animations.


Flash game programming resources.

power flasher

A product to help develop flash programs.

Quasimondo – a flash blog

A flash blog by Mario Klingemann, discussing topics such as “how to make the wiimote work in flash”, “page flip: the final word”, etc..

Sandy Wiki

Sandy is an intuitive and user-friendly 3D open-source library developed in Actionscript 2.0 for the Flash environment.

This project is almost stable in 1.1 version. The latest version is available in the download section. You can also look at the changes here.


VisDoc generates HTML documentation, including class relations, from ActionScript 2.0 class files. Download Ver. 1.5.3, for Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.


XML-RPC is a standard that was developed for calling remote procedures, usually over http, that can return data to the client.

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