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Finding the right domain name for your business or personal website is essential. It should be memorable, easy to spell and brandable. If you’re like me this is quite a hard process, luckily help is at hand from a number of online tools, we are also going to look at expired domain names and how to grab one and other domain articles and resources

Domain Name Generators

Picky Domains – This is a service I tried out recently, you submit some criteria for your domain and a group of people will make recommendations for you. The service costs $50 and the person who submits the name you choose receives $25. When I tried it out for what I thought was quite a hard subject I received 49 different recommendations, a few of which were perfect. Highly recommended


Nameboy – Domain name creation, domain name lookup and domain registration at an intelligent naming search site


Dn generator – Use DNGenerator Plus to generate hundreds of domain names with as little as 1 keyword


Make Words – Name Generator. Find unique names and register available domains


Web 2.0 Company Name Generator – Need a name for your Web 2.0 company? Try this handy name generator


Expired Domains

Deleted Domains – On hold and expired domain name search


Just Dropped – Deleted Domain Name Search


Expired Domains – Daily Expired Domains


Domain Informer – Expired Domains and Domain suggestions


How to Snatch an Expiring Domain – Article from Mike Davidson on how he registered an expiring domain


My IP Neighbours – Find out what other domains are hosted on the same server as the one you enter


Domain Name Articles

Domaining 101 – 5 Part article from Matt Coddington at Netbusinessblog on the subject of domaining


Best Tool for the Job – How to find a great domain name


Daily Domainer – Blog dedicated to domain names


DN Journal – The domain industry news magazine


Sitepoint – Find money-making domains


Domain Name Forums

DNForum – One of the largest domain name forums with over 1 million posts


Namepros – Another large domain name forum


Domain State – Domain forum


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  1. mucho gracia for this blogpost! I remember when I used a free domain! it was so awfull but because i had no paypal I wasn't able buy my own net domain So I used a site were I could get one for free.

  2. thank you for sharing some of your domain-websites. personally I prefer free-domain-and-hosting, it's a website were you can get a .com/.net/… for free, it uses a sort of point system. I've added the link in the website url.

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