The most used TOP 30 WordPress Plugin

Here is the list of most used 30 WP Plugins

  1. The first place among WordPress plugins goes to Akismet. 34 out of 48 bloggers are using this plugin. Obviously the spam is a very serious issue and Akismet is doing a great job combating it.
  2. Google Sitemap Generator came in second with 27 votes. Looks like a lot of bloggers are starting to care about SEO and this plugin is the best tool to tell Google how it should crawl your blog and where to find everything you want found.
  3. Related posts by Wasabi takes the third place. As the name suggests, this plugin generates a list of related posts based on the text of blog entry. It is a great tool to increase the stickiness of your blog by showing your readers similar posts that you’ve written on the subject. Although since I started using Chitika RPU’s on my tech blogs, I don’t use this plugin there. 19 out 48 bloggers have used this plugin on their blogs.
  4. Wp-Contact form. This plugin developed by Ryan Duff is used by 17 of 48 bloggers. It creates a contact form on your blog, through which your readers can contact you. However at the moment of this writing, Ryans website seemed to be down. Another good plugin to generate contact forms is here. Update: You can download Spam protected Wp-contact form from Doug Carr blog here.
  5. WordPress database backup now maintained by Ilfilosofo and originally developed by Skippy is on 16 lists. It’s a “must use” plugin for every WP blogger and if you are not using it you might be in a lot of trouble eventually. Imagine that something goes wrong with you database and you loose all of your archives! The latest version of the plugin even lets you schedule automatic backups at a set frequency.
  6. Feedburner Feed Replacement let’s you track your RSS subscribers and use a lot of other cool Feedburner services.
  7. Ultimate Tag Warrior is a plugin does everything related with tagging. With this plugin you can tag your every post through a separate field, enter tags inside post text, use tags in external editors, etc. The tags then can be used to search your blog and are picked up by blog search engines like Technorati and can bring in new users. UTW was used by 14 of 48 bloggers.
  8. Subscribe to comments plugin (13/48) allows your readers to check a box before commenting and get e-mail notification of further comments. This is a great plugin to grow your blog community by letting your readers stay up to date in the discussion that they already are interested in.
  9. AdSense Deluxe (10/48) is a plugin that allows you to easily insert AdSense, YPN, Chitika ads inside your blog posts and provides for easy management when and where the ads appear. A must have if you want use ads inside a blog post.
  10. Gravatars (9/48) Another community building plug-in. It let’s you place the small pictures (avatars) of your readers next to their comments on your blog. Makes the comment area and the discussion much more personal and lively. In order for the avatars to appear, reader has to register it with Gravatars service.
  11. Jerome’s Keywords plugin. It’s another plugin for keywords/tags similar to Ultimate Tag Warrior. It has a little less options and functionality, but does tagging/keywords very well and is easier to use. JK plugin gets 11th place only conditionally, since 4 plugins were recommended by 8 bloggers. So the next 3 plugins (11-14 place) also have the same amount of votes and are ranked in alphabetical order.
  12. Optimal title (8/48) is a SEO related plugin. It mirrors the function wp_title () on your blog, but moves the position of the separator to after the title rather then before. This way you can make blog post name, or category name appear in front of the blog name in he <title> tags (one of the most important elements of on page SEO). If you use the keywords you want to rank for in your blog post titles (which you should), this plugin can help you improve your position in search engines.
  13. Sociable (8/48) You probably noticed small icons from various social bookmarking sites (like Digg,, reddit, etc;) under the posts on many blogs. Well, lot’s of them are done by this plugin. So if you want to help your users spread the word about your best posts, you may want to install this plugin.
  14. WP-Cache 2.0 (8/48) is “
    an extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching WordPress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly from the file rather than loading and compiling the whole PHP code and then building the page from the database. WP-Cache allows to serve hundred of times more pages per second, and to reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond
    .” It is not that important if you have a low traffic blog, but if you get dugg it can make the difference between your site being up or down for several hours when all the traffic comes flooding in.
  15. Popularity Contest (7/48) A very useful plugin that lets you automatically highlight your best posts to your readers. It keeps a count of your post, category and archive views, comments, trackbacks, etc. and uses them to determine which of your posts are most popular. It can significantly increase the “stickiness” of your blog and help you convert first time visitors into a regular readers.
  16. Sidebar Widgets (7/48) Plugin by WordPress creators Automattic, that lets you add various cool widgets (small applications developed by others) into your sidebar without any HTML knowledge.
  17. Wp_Notable (7/48) Another plugin for displaying icons for various social bookmarking sites, very similar to Sociable in functionality.
  18. Simple Tags. (6/48) Another tagging plugin for generating Technorati Tags. This is the most basic and also the most easy to use tagging plugin, if all you are looking for are tags for Technorati and other blog search services. Just type in your keywords at the end of your post between [tags]..... [/tags] and they will appear as Technorati tags.
  19. Adhesive (5/48) is a plugin that lets you make the posts “sticky”.These posts will remain at the top of the page no matter how many other posts you wrote later. Very useful for making announcements or giving directions to your readers.
  20. Exec-php (5/48). This plugin allows <?php ?> tags inside the content or excerpt of your posts and pages to be executed just as in usual PHP files. Definitely not for the code shy, but if you want to insert php code inside your blog posts this is plugin to use.
  21. Extended live archive (5/48) plugin creates dynamic and easily navigable archive page that helps your readers easily find what they are looking for in your archive. The posts there can be sorted by tags, categories, date and popularity.
  22. No ping wait (5/48) Have you noticed sometimes, after you press “publish” on your posts, that it takes forever for this command to execute. Well, the reason is the “pinging” process, through which WordPress tries to notify various blog search and monitoring services that new blog post is coming up, which can take some time. This plugin solves the problem by separating “pinging” and posting into two separate things.
  23. PodPress (5/48) . If you are into podcasting, this plugin is a must have. It makes adding, managing and playing podcasts and other media files on your blog a breeze.
  24. SRG Clean Archives (5/48) . Another plugin to generate Archive pages. It is designed to display your archive listings in a clean and uniform fashion. It lists the Month / Year (links to that months archives), the day of the month the article was published, the title of the article (permalink to article), and the number of comments that have been made on each article. It also hides password protected articles from showing up in your archives list.
  25. WP-Page Navi (5/48) is a plugin to improve page navigation on your blog. Instead of having to go through blog pages one by one, it adds better navigation functionality that can look like this: Pages (17): [1] 2 3 4 »
    Last »
  26. WP-Cron (5/48) If you want to schedule some tasks, like database backup on your blog, this plugin lets you do just that. In the words of the author “WP-Cron provides a rudimentary support for scheduled execution of actions; a sort of “delayed action” processing for WordPress. It is nowhere near as robust as the actual UNIX cron facility, but should be good enough to “do stuff” on a fairly regular basis
  27. Wp-Shortstat (5/48) is the stats plugin for your blog. Install the plugin, go to your WP dashboard and you can see the stats you need. The plugin was written by Jeff Minard but now is maintained by Markus Kaemmerer.
  28. Lightbox 2 (5/48) . Have you seen a neat trick on some websites, where you press on the image, the whole page dims into the background and the active window or image pops-up to the front? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just head to the plugin page and press on the images there. If you want such a trick on your blog, install the plugin.
  29. cached (4/48) . Want to show-off what you have bookmarked on recently? Then this plugin is just what you need.
  30. Get Recent Comments (4/48) does just what it’s name implies, it gets the excerpts of the latest comments on your blog and displays them on your sidebar