Top 4 Instagram Photo Downloaders

You can upload thousands of photos to your Instagram account, So are you looking for a way to download all your Instagram photos to one place? Need a quick and easy way to backup your Instagram photo feed? You are in right place, here is the 4 ways you can download instagram photos online.

Is it simple to download photos and videos on instagram with .¬†Enter the instagram photo link or video link and then click ‘Download’ button so the application will display the “Download Button” and you can easily save it.

Copygram website also exports to your local hard drive, but thus far you are limited to downloading only your own photos.

Instaport lets you export a .zip file to your local hard drive, or to other social services like Google +, Flickr, or Facebook.

Pictarine have also recently announced that you can now access and download all of your Instagram (and Twitter) photos through their online photo service.

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