Top 15 Social Apps for iPhone

There are too many applications for our iPhone, some help us share everyday stories with our family and friends, some help us sort the messy information stored in our device, some help us save money
Sometimes we are lost and do not know what to choose. Here we have selected 15 most popular and useful social applications that would equip your iPhone and help to make your life more easy.


Twitterrific is an award-winning mobile Twitter client developed by the Iconfactory. It can manage multiple accounts, search Twitter quickly, filter tweets and much more, it works juest like it’s desktop counterpart.

Twitterrific has a beautiful interface and it’s easy to use. Just like somebody says: makes twittering a breeze!


Facebook for iPhone allows you to do most of the things Fachbook allows you to do. Stay connected and share information with friends, start a Facebook Chat, check your friends’ latest photos and status updates and etc..

What else more can I say about Facebook? Adding more features to the app would do us a big good, like the push notification. But anyway, those Facebook fans shouldn’t miss this!


beejiveIM 3.0, developed by Beejive, allows you to stay connected to all your friends on multiple networks like MSN, Facebook IM, GoogleTalk, AIM/iChat, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber and MySpace IM all at the same time. The app provides a reliable and efficient network without per-message charges for it uses your existing data plan.

Just like many others, I love this app for it’s really good! Works smoothly, fast and reliable. Worths every cent!


eBuddy is a great helper in instant messaging by providing reliable, fast and useful features. You can stay connected with your buddies from MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Gtalk and Facebook; you can stay online when you exit the app; you get push notifications for incoming messages; you can do many things with it.

eBuddy would be much better it it has a landscape mode and allows us to stay online for a longer time( 30 minutes is definitely not enough!). But what can we say? It’s free.


For those who love to create stories and capture every moment in their lives, this is it. Whrrl allows you to capture the moments you want to keep track of and automaticlly organizes your content into stories for you to share with family and friends through email, Facebook or Twitter. The app is developed by Pelago,Inc.

Cool layout and easy to use, Whrrl is especially helpful when I suddenly have something to share with my friends, and I can always get quick responses from my friends.


Another mobile internet community that allwos friends to connect and share experiences. You can use your favourite online communication tools and communities to stay in touch with your friends in real time, you can also enjoy voice calls over WiFi. The app is developed by Fringland Ltd..

The app works fine so far, but it would be better if it could improve its reliability and stability. Many reports there is problem with its push notification, but works fine for me. Looking forward to its new update version.


Waze works somekind like Wikipedia, the building of the road maps and real-traffic updates are contributed totally on the users. The more users join in and help, the better the data would be and the better it could serve the drivers for daily commute. Constantly-updated road map, real-time traffic updates, automatic rerouting, live reports from users on the road and many other useful informations on the road are all available.

I have to admitt this is a great concept. Many works have to be done but it would be awesome if more people use it and make it better. Keep going!


Good news for those who love sharing photos! Developed by Addy Mobile, Quip allows you to send photo texts in a easier way and with no extra charge. Sending Quip messages does not count against your iPhone’s text message plan and your friends won’t pay high MMS fees for receiving Quip.

One thing big about this app is it allows you to send to even non-iPhones, even though they have to go to the link of the photo. But still, a big progress for many iPhone apps could only work for iPhones.


Loopt allows you to see where your friends are and what they doing through interactive maps, and you can instantly share your location, photos and comments with friends. Facebook and Twitter can be linked to simultaneously update all your blogs and social networks, or you can explore places and events recommender by your friend

Overall, Loopt is a good app for you to catch up with your friends. It could do a lot better with push notification and if it could show where a person is at even though the app isn’t opened.


Developed by MyRete, WhoHere is an app to help you meet people near you with similar interests. You just have to fill out your profile and it’ll automaticly show you hundreds of matches. If you are interested in someone, you can talk with text message and exchange pictures within WhoeHere itself with no SMS fees, meaning you don’t have to give out your phone number, email or IM address unless you want to.

A great app where you can meet really awesome people, would be even greater if more people use it. But sometimes you have to beware of the bad people, not the app’s fault though.

iNXES XBox Live Friends

Inspired by NXE, the team came up with the app to iPhone/iPod touch. It provides the full NXE-style gamer card, complete profile which shows name, location and biography, detailed play history, automatic sorting of gamers by status and gamertag among many others. It’s a great helper to XBOX 360 players.

Next time when you want to sign in your XBOX 360 and play your favourite game, you can check out this app and see who’s on first. It’s always much more fun to have all your friends online. It’s a bit slow, but overall a good app.

iCall Free VoIP

iCall is an application that allows you to make and receive phone calls over WiFi even when you don’t have a cell signal. Free ad-supported USA & Canadiaan calling are available, calls don’t count towards your cell calling plan, no roaming charges, you can also switch cell phone calls to VoIP.

The app does what it says, even someone complains it doesn’t sound like me through the call. Whatever, it really saves me lot.

Emoji iEmoji Icons

Want to express yoursely in a more vivid way? Want more than just a :) when texting to your friends? If you get Emoji icons into your iPhone, you could get a keyboard that lets you type smileys, hearts and other cute icons and express your feelings with pictures and faces. The app was developed by SpiceLoop, and was welcomed by many iPhone users.

These icons are really cute, and they are especially helpful for an emotional person like me. But it would be even sweeter if the icons can be sent to non-iPhones.


Bump is an application developed by Bump Technologies LLC. With the app inputed, iPhones users can exchange contact information by just bumping their hands together. The contact information would be saved directly into your address book and photos saved into your camera roll.

It’s like a secret ceremony, bumping hands together, but actually we are exchanging datas. You may wonder if it really works? Yes, it does work, it works well.

Black Book

Black Book is a great helper when it comes to sorting the informations in your contact book. It helps you to keep a visual list of contacts and their details in your book, keeps private images of contacts and many other features. The app is developed by Vurgood Applications.

For me, Black Book’s biggset contribution is to spare me of the embarrassment of seeing someone’s face but forgetting his or her name. It happens all the time.