Top 5 Online Backup Service

Local backup to external or optical drives is an excellent practice, but it can’t always protect your precious data. With the online backup services, you can reach your files, data, images … etc. from everywhere.
But you have to select backup service according to their file upload/download speed, price range, and the most important one is data reability.
Here is the top 5 online backup service providers :

Carbonite Online PCBackup
Carbonite tries to make remote backup simple and affordable. Setting it up is a breeze, and restoring a file here or there is also a snap. But restoring a lot of data to a different PC presented some obstacles.
HP Upline
This easy-to-use, reasonably priced online backup service also lets you do local media backups and file sharing, but it lacks important features, like version saving, open-file backup, and the ability to resume interrupted file uploads.
Getting started with IDrive might be more confusing than with any other online backup service, but IDrive partly redeems itself with quick uploading and many extras not found elsewhere.
MozyHome Online Backup
Mozy offers reasonably priced unlimited online backup that’s highly configurable, but it could stand some usability improvements.
SOS Online Backup
SOS Online Backup is the only online backup service I’ve tested that’s both simple to use and powerful. Even non-geeks can painlessly back up their folders and files, but the service also gives the more technically inclined an impressively powerful set of features to play with.

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Online Backup Service

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  2. For online backup I would recommend to all home users, it is the easiest I have seen so far but with almost everything you need as an online backup application. They are also providing Windows mobile backup solution free for their users. So far very good experience, no wonder they are the current topper in

  3. This was so good but i thing there are alot of online backup solutions that have sprung up now days and one has a choice to make about which online backup he or she is going to use and this depends on certain features.I personally use an online backup solution called safecopy backup.They offer very reliable services and the setup its self does not take more than 2minutes.I feel that my data is so secure with safecopy backup.

  4. Great articles.Keep posting.And please is it okay if you include other online backup services like;Dropbox,Backblaze,SugarSync,SafeCopy.They are good online backup services too.

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