51 Nice Text-Effect PS Tutorials

50 really nice text effect Photoshop tutorials, making it more than 70 great Photoshop text effects in our archive. Full list after jump.

  1. Text In Stitches

    How to convert text to a path and how to stitch that path using a custom brush set.

  2. Colorful Glowing Text Effect

  3. Spray Paint Text

  4. Bling Bling Simple Gold Text Effect

    How to make a simple gold
    text effect
    by using some layer styles, namely the Gradient Overlay layer style!

  5. Cheese text effect

    How to make a stylish cheese
    text effect

  6. Reflective Glass Tutorial (Video tutorial)

    Incorporates several different techniques to achieve an effect similar to a reflective glass material that is mirroring the scenery around it

  7. Entrails Photoshop Tutorial (Video tutorial)

    How to use filters, blending modes, and hue changes in order to stylize some text.

  8. Taco Bell Text (Video tutorial)

    How to use layer
    in order to duplicate a unique effect that you may have seen during a late-night run for the border.

  9. Aqua Text Photoshop Tutorial

  10. Chained Text

    This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create text wrapped in chains.

  11. Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect

    Create this effect using very basic Photoshop tools and layering effects.

  12. Trendy Typographic Poster Design

    Creating an interesting and eye-catching poster with a single typographic word.

  13. Spiderman III

  14. Furry Text

    Photoshop tutorial
    will show you how to create text with a furry texture.

  15. Awesome Grunge Text Effect

    How to create an awesome grungy
    text effect
    . The effect can be used to liven up your website layouts, but can also provide a good way to display logos and other graphical elements alone.

  16. Hell of Tutorial

    Create a 3D text with fire coming from the inside of the document like a hole.

  17. Highlighted Chrome

    Create some cool smooth chrome with soft blue highlights, great as a
    text effect

  18. Honeycomb Text Effect

    Photoshop tutorial
    will show you how to create a honeycomb style text.

  19. Icey Styles in Photoshop

    Create an icey-cold effect using layer
    and that you can apply to different objects.

  20. Linked Letters

  21. Gold Plated Text

    Learn how to turn text into gold using Photoshop’s Layer

  22. WarCraft Font

  23. Dirty Grunge Text

  24. Design a Lego Typography in Photoshop

    How to make Lego blocks and use it for typography designs.

  25. Metal Wires Text

    How to create metal wires
    text effect

  26. Paint Effect

  27. Paint Splodge Text

    How to simply create a paint splodge looking text using blending options and the pen tool it will take only around 5 minutes to complete

  28. Colored chrome text effect

    Create a colored chrome
    text effect

  29. Killer Metallic Text

  30. Simple dark but vivid text effect

    Create a very simple
    text effect
    . A dark, colorful
    text effect

  31. Stunning 3D effects in 30 minutes

    How to create this cool effect in just 30 minutes.

  32. Decorating Text

    Pick and mix which techniques you use or just try all of them and end up with an image like this.

  33. 3D Text effect

    This tutorial shows you how to create a nice 3D text using only photoshop 7.

  34. Glossy Candy Text Effect For Kids

    This is a very tutorial for making colourful text, ideal for any kids decoration or web sites.

  35. 3D Cliff Text

    How to a text that look like it was formed by cliffs of mountains.

  36. Text on rust

  37. Scrabble Text

    How to make a cool scrabble
    text effect
    using various tools, layer
    and a wood pattern.

  38. Retro Text

  39. Scanline Text

    Here we will create a style named ‘Scanline Text’ which is basically text which glows like bright scanlines, with a smart reflection as well.

  40. Shining Neon Text Effect in Photoshop

  41. Creating the Sky Logo

    Very simple and straightforward way of creating Sky’s latest logo.

  42. Create a Spectacular Graffiti Effect

  43. Gold Text effect

    A very easy and basic tutorial that doesn’t require much knowledge and experience with photoshop.

  44. Star Wars text effect

  45. Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography

    How to mix some vectors with letters to create a really nice design.

  46. Delicious Chocolate Text

    Learn how to quickly design some delectable, rich dark chocolate flavored text!

  47. Moon Shine Text Effect

    Text Effect
    Quickie will show you how to easily create a soft glowing moon-like text.

  48. Pop Text Effect

    Text Effect
    Quickie will show you a real simple way to create a vibrant, poppy type in just a few minutes.

  49. Making a Rusty Text

  50. Wanted Sign Into A Piece of Wood

    Make an awesome wood emboss effect, put bullet holes into the wood, and finally smoke ‘em up to a gnarly Wyatt-Earp-just-walked-past look.

  51. Wood Inlay Text

    How to create a wood inlay effect using wood textures, layer masks and a few creative selection techniques.