From A to Z, Free File Hosting Sites

[ I ]

iBackup and iDrive
This is a more professional solution starting at $20

100 MB per file,

50 MB; files/accounts removed upon “excessive usage”.

10MB space, 1GB monthly bandwidth, direct linking, automatic resizing

[ J ]

Jumbo File
100 MB file size, 10 days expiration period

Just up it
120 MB max. file size

[ K ]

Keep my File
20 MB per file

[ L ]
50 MB file size, slow server, two weeks expiration period

Load Up
1001 MB per file

[ M ]

Ma Clé USB
20 MB per file, 128 MB storage space

Mail Big File
1 GB file size, expiring after 3 downloads or 7 days

Upload Unlimited, File Limit 5 mb, Files Lifetime 1 year

Unlimited diskspace, 110mb filelimit, no sign up, all file types.

Mega Share
50 MB per file, kept for 30 days after last request

Mega Shares
1.5 GB file size, expiration period 25 days

Mega Upload
250 MB, 30 days, lifetime Premium service costs $99 US

Minor Crisis
1000 MB Bandwidth daily, 50MB file size, Direct link mp3

Mo File
50 MB file size, expiring 3 days after upload;
accounts expire after 30 days without log-in

Momo Share
25 MB maximum, .zip only, deleted two 15 days after last download

500 MB per file, deletion occurs 30 days after last download

Multi Upload
100 MB maximum file size

My Docs Online
Storage space instead of size per file, 14 days free trial

My File Hut
50 MB per File, 250 MB storage space, 10 GB bw/month, 30 days

My File Stash
25 MB storage space, 2 GB monthly bandwidth…age_hosting.php

My Free Gig
UNLIMITED file uploads, file downloads, bandwidth, space, 300 mb maxim file size, No Expiration Limit, direct link

My Share Box
100 MB file size, deleted if no download occurs for 30 days

My Share File
150 MB file size, expiration period = 30 days of inactivity

My Temp Directory
30 MB per file, deleted 14 days after last download

My Upload
100 MB file size, deletion after two weeks of inactivity

[ N ]

99GB per file limit, Unlimited Upload & Download FREE, We keep your Files Forever FREE

[ O ]

1 GB storage space

Open Upload
100 MB max. file size

Orbit Files
30 MB, more when using Hercules Uploader

100 MB file size, erased after 30 days of lacking interest

Oxy Share
700 MB per file, deleted after 30 days without a download request
Works directly with download managers, but only one stream at a time

No upload limit, No download limit, No IP storage, Full speed up to 20,000 KB/sec per download

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