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[ T ]

The Upload
200 MB file size, expiring 3 months after last download

Thin File
A tool to facilitate file uploads,
100 MB max. file size for trial version.

Tiny Load
Max File Size: 300mb, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Downloads, No Expiration Limit, No Sign-Ups Required

Imagehost, no registration needed, hotlinking allowed!

Transfer Big Files
1 GB per file, links are valid for 5 days or 20 downloads

Turbo Share
80 MB file size, 100 days expiration period

Turbo Upload
70 MB per file, no deletion even after long periods

[ U ]

Ultra Share
250 MB per file, erased after 30 days of inactivity

Up/Download Server
250 MB file size

Up File
1 GB per file

Up Filigo
50 MB per file, deletion after 50 downloads or 7 days

Up Li Ru
32 MB file size, deleted if more than 5 downloads in 24 h

Upload 2 Com
250 MB, free registration

Upload 2 Net
25 MB, exp. 1 year, 2 downloads per server, strict rules

Upload Dump
30 MB; no expiration/kept forever, direct hotlinking allowed

Upload File
20 MB per file

Upload Galaxy
100 MB max. file size, 30 days expiration period

Upload Hut
50 MB per file, erased when nobody wants it during a month

300 MB max. file size, expiration period is 30 days

10GB space, 50GB monthly bandwith, 750MB max file size, Direct link

Upload Port
500 MB per file

Upload Power
100mb file size.

Upload SC
100 MB max. file size, stored for one month

Upload Send
50 MB per file, inactive files are deleted after 30 days

Upload Spy
75 MB maximum file size

Upload Temple
30 MB maximum file size, three weeks expiration period

Upload Your Files
200 MB per file, 512 kB per picture, no multi-part archives!
Deletion after 30 days of inactivity

U Share It
50 MB per file, 14 days

[ V ]

1 GB per file, 7 days expiration period for inactive files

VIP Loader
15 max./5 MB min. file size, files directly accessible (hotlinking)

VIP NetSurf
– different concept for those who lose their patience with MU and RS –

50 mb max upload, deleted after 30 days inactivity, 5 minute break between every upload

[ W ]

Web File
20 MB; max. 20 files with a total of 50 MB per IP address, 7 days
free registration => 60 MB total, easier management

Web File Host
500 MB per file, deletion takes place 30 days after last download

1GB free space

[ X ]

5000 MB $99 or 50 GB for $399 p.a., 14 days free Trial

[ Y ]

Yahoo Briefcase
30 MB storage space, log-in to account once per month

Your File .net
1 MB only, but unlimited time and other interesting options

Your File .org
50 MB per file, deleted 30 days after the last download

Your File Host
30 MB per file, deletion after 14 days of inactivity

Your File Link
50 MB per file, deleted 30 days after the last download

You Send It
1 GB; files are deleted after 7 days or 25 downloads

[ Z ]

50 MB per file, eliminated if nobody cares for a month

– different concept –

Z Share
100 MB per file, deleted if not downloaded for more than 10 days

Z Upload
500 MB per file, inactivity period 30 days

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