From A to Z, Free File Hosting Sites

List of free file hosting sites from A to Z.

[ A ]

All Files

All my Data
– different concept –

50 MB storage space, 15 downloads per day,
the free account expires after two weeks

60 MB per file

At Gig
15 MB file size, 1 GB storage space, 100 MB bw/month

Axi File by AxiFo
150 MB per file, FTP upload

[ B ]

Bad Ongo
1 GB per file, no expiration time limit

Best Sharing
125 MB, deleted after 45 days without a request

Big File Upload
1 GB max. file size, hosted until the cows come home

Big Filez
50 MB file size, 14 days grace period for inactivity

Big Upload
2 GB per file, deleted after 30 days without download

Bon Poo
250 MB file size, expiring after 10 days of inactivity

10 MB per file, 1 GB storage space,

75 MB per file, can upload 99% of the extensions, ANONYMOUS usage option (20mb filesize limit),

[ C ]

5Mb max upload, unlimited files, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited downloads.

Come 2 Store
10 MB, signup e-mail can be fake, many options, 30 days

Content Type
100 MB file size, grace period for inactive files is 7 days

Craze Files
50 MB, expiration after 1000 downloads or 30 days

500 MB, 14 days, does not work with download managers

[ D ]

Dark Share
50 MB per file

100 MB per file, deletion after 60 days of inactivity

Deposit Files
1 GB file size, 4.7 GB for registered users,
expiration after 90 days without download

Files stay forever, unlimited downloads, unlimited uploads, no ad’s.

Dosya Ekle
350 MB per file, which are kept until the cows come home

Drop Load
100 MB, removed after 7 days, active or not

Drop Send
5 File sendings per month, 250 MB storage space

[ E ]

Easy Sharing
75 MB per file, deleted 30 days after the last download

EC Pocket
200 MB web storage space

Ego Share
100 file size, 30 days expiration period

Egg Disk
6 gb space, 30 GB bandwidth, 150 MB max filesize, zip upload, public; hidden or private sharing.

5 GB file storage space

Exa Upload
75 MB file size

Extreme Share
50 MB per file, killed after a month without interest

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